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Currently working on....

Currently WIP Projects (Commissioned)

- Raphael by Azumi Moka
- Kyuuketski no Yuigon by Sakuya Kaishi
- Sajou no Yuku Hana by Azumi Moka
- Hyper Love Power by Hiiro Reichi
- Ai no Hana Gin no Koi by Shima Asahi
- Tatoe Toraware no Koi demo by CJ Michalski
- West End by Kurenai Mitsuba
- 3 x Sengoku Basara DJ
- Hentalia Axis Power DJ
- Sleeper by Catherine Ayako
- Assorted Bara Doujinshis

Second Love

After a long delay, we're finally releasing a sample of our independent project, Second Love. The epic tale involving time-travelling, reincarnations and men in loincloth (*drools*) is completed in a total of 2 volumes. Download the sampler at no cost here, and drop us an email at otokotootoko.xjc@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing the complete translations at only $6 USD.


We have put together a collection of downloads, all these are part of the books/series we have translated.

Mayama Jun - Sexy Effect ch01 [Sampler]
Fujisaki Kou - Virgin Love ch01 [Sampler]
Nitta Youka - UV ch01 [Sampler]
Nitta Youka - Irokoi 4th Night [Sampler]
Miyamoto Kano - Rules Ch1 Preview [Sampler]
Akemi Takaido - Lesson 1 [One-shot]
Kayama Yumi - Demonic Venus [One-shot]
Azumi Moka - Unmatured Swallow Part A
Azumi Moka - Unmatured Swallow Part B [One-shot]
Asagiri Yuu - Second Love ***NEW***

Interested in more? Head here to purchase!

4 Yamato Nase Doujinshis

(This was finished a while ago as a personal request from one of our customers, she had given us the go-ahead to sell other copies, but I've not found the time earlier to extract the covers and post them here.)

4 never-scanslated-before doujinshis from the very popular "Saa Koi ni Ochitamae (Fall in Love with Me)" series by Yamato Nase-sensei, scanslated mostly by Forever-more and Dangerous Pleasure. We have the doujinshis translated now for your reading pleasure!

1. Little Dream (2005) - $2.00 (including a 5-page Chintsubu story)
2. Blend Love (2004) - $1.50
3. Gush Anniversary Limited Edition (2004) - "Kyou wa Nan no Hi (What Day is it today?)" - $0.80
4. Au Lait Summer (2002) - $2.40

Special Pricing if you are purchasing all 4 - $5/set.
Do drop us an email at otokotootoko.xjc(@)gmail.com if you would like to purchase please!
Translations for Second Love Volume 01 have now been completed. Do email us at otokotootoko.xjc@gmail.com to purchase a copy at only $6, and leave a comment if you would like us to continue with translations of the 2nd volume too.

Edit: Old email address stated above is wrong, if you had tried to email us but got no response/the email bounced, please try again.

A very detailed summary of the plot can be found here
On this page are instructions for (1) Making manga requests, and(2) Buying translations already completed.

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In Summary - How to Contact Us:

Email: xjckimberly@gmail.com

Email: eigomanga@gmail.com


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Welcome to Otoko-to-Otoko, formerly known as Eigomanga. We translate manga to english, particularly yaoi manga. If you like manga, but can't read Japanese, we are the people to come to for cheap, fast and accurate translations! Feel free to look around please.

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Latest complete works for sale:

- 4 Saa Koi ni Ochitamae Doujinshis by Yamato Nase

Please go here for complete listing, covers and details.